What's in your fridge?

Recently, I posted this to my personal Facebook (search Thomas Mayhugh) and have now shared it to my Page (search @mayhughathletic):

"Without looking, what's 1 thing in your fridge (no you can't go to the store) that you could use to make a meal?"

Answers ranged from Beer, White Claw, Ice Cubes, and Air to a lot of Eggs, Chicken, Veggies, Salad components, and Fruit.

All great things!

But my point wasn't to judge, see what people are eating, or have others brag about what they've got...

My point was to have you reflect off the top of your head what's in your fridge.

And here's why:

You should always know your inventory.

If the day gets away from you, is there SOMETHING healthy in your fridge at all times that you know you can put together as a meal as a backup plan or if short on time?

If the answer is no, try to put this system in place.

If you have some basic fall-back items - a good protein, some healthy fats like EV olive oil or cheese, and a whole carb source, veggies, fruits, or salad base - you can be creative with whatever else you have...and guess what - you have a meal.

AND, you have no excuse to panic and divert to unhealthy and lazy (typically processed) meal options!

Having some basics at all times will automatically take the stress out of making a meal.

You'll feel accomplished and healthy about your choices.

This is as simple as "meal prep" gets. Get yourself some staples, make sure you always have them, and don't overcomplicate it.

You may be surprised at where your creativity or recipe-hunting takes you once you already have some foundational foods in your kitchen.

Eat the basic nutrient dense whole foods more often than not, and you're on your way to a healthier you.

You can read my #CoachThomasApproved list of Staples here: www.mayhughathletic.com/staples

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