Now that the New Year buzz is gone, I've got a confession.

I'm a drug dealer.

Motivational and real.

And I believe that motivation is just smoke.

A perception of future success that is taught to us as being the key.

"I just have zero motivation right now"

"I really need to get motivated"

"You've got to be motivated."

"You've got to visualize it."


People seek motivation, become addicted to it, and then become paralyzed into normalcy.

It's a high.

And what typically comes after a high?

A low.

But in this case, motivation is a drug in infinite abundance.

No shortage of motivational quotes, videos, and stories out there.

Easy to get a quick hit whenever you're feeling stagnant.

And most stay in this steady flow of stagnant to motivated, like a soundwave.

Because you never have to experience the "low" if you don't really want to.

What's "the low"??

It's action. Work. Consistency.

Doesn't sound as fun as that intial hit you get from a motivational quote.

But here's some truth:

Those quotes, videos, stories...

They all have the same plot.

Someone put the work in.

Someone broke free from the addiction of just being motivated.

Pushed through the lows of strict discipline, through the withdrawals of 'motivational mediocrity', and succeeded.

Motivation is a drug.

And drugs are bad.

...unless you know how to use them to your advantage.

Motivation is simply a feeling that, without action, will make you beg for more.

And I've positioned myself uniquely as a coach that gets to deal this motivational drug while at the same time hooking up an IV drip of action.

Through accountability, a clear focus, and guidance, you can succeed.

If you need some of that, let me know.

Reach out if you ever need anything.

Be the best.

Coach Thomas

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