Low-fat & fat-free "foods": Things you might think are health BUT THEY AIN'T.

There is a lot to un-box when it comes to fats.

I'm not going to touch on the positive heart health stuff right now, this is just the basics.

If you want to really nerd-out with me and read up on this type of stuff let me know and I will pass on the resources.

(I'm gonna tell you to start by reading the book Deep Nutrition.)

The basics are this:

Eat natural, healthy fats to...

help your body burn fat efficiently

absorb essential nutrients efficiently (like necessary fat-soluble vitamins)

keep you fuller longer

look and feel younger. (the body stores fat in the right places when you have the right amount of it)

keep fake ingredients out of your body and keep your systems functioning optimally

Somewhere along the way the idea came about that eating fat must be what makes people fat.

(If you're eating too much of anything, it will make you fat.)

So the low-fat and fat-free diet boomed.

Low-fat and fat free products lined the shelves and started reducing people's calorie intakes in an artificial way.

So maybe they lost weight, but at what cost?

(Fake butter is one molecule away from being plastic)

And could a smarter approach including natural healthy fats have actually been a better catalyst?

When fat comes out, crap goes in.

Sugar, artificial sweeteners (which your body treats as sugar anyway) seed oils, other artifical ingredients, etc.

That stuff is non-nutritious, non-natural, not-ideal fuel for all of the body's natural systems.

But it allows you to over-con$ume, at a lower calorie intake...

That's a win, right!?

Since eating too much is what makes people fat, why should you get the dream-scenario of being able to still eat that much and lose weight?

No chance.

The trade off is your long-term health.

Eat less.

And eat the right stuff.

The goal is to understand natural food, and proper portions, to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Fats are high in calories (9 calories per gram) but they are nutrient dense calories that your body craves.

So as you are concsiously adding them to your diet, keep an eye on the amount.

Understanding calories, and your consumption, is the first step to being healthy and having the body you want.

Here are good fats that I eat regularly:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Avocado oil (and avocados)

Coconut oil

Peanut butter (and other nuts: pecans, cashews, walnuts, macadamia, brazil nuts)

The natural fats from fatty-meats. (Beef, Lamb, Pork, etc.)

Whole Milk

Aged Cheeses

Full Fat Yogurts

Egg yolks

Let me know if you want help with your nutrition.

Or read a little more about my Nutrition Coaching and get my Free Weight Loss Guide

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