So, you get all this...

✔️ Nutrition tailored to your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.

✔️ Progress tracking from multiple angles.

✔️ Supplemental or full training programs based on your goals, experience and equipment.

✔️ Easily follow workouts in-app, track efforts, and know exactly what to do with seamless video exercise demos.

✔️ Private Access to our Members Area which is home to an ever-growing library of Guides & Lessons covering everything from nutrition to training, and supplements to mindset & habits.

✔️ Macro-friendly recipes

✔️ Join and collaborate with a growing community of people on the same journey as you in our Private Facebook Group.

✔️ An accountability check-in (weekly or monthly), in the app messenger, from Coach Thomas to assess progress and adjust anything if necessary.

✔️ 24/7 access to message Coach Thomas in the app, Facebook Group, or via email.

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Membership + Weekly Check-in

You pay $197 every month.

You pay $449 every 3 months.

Monthly check in graphic.png

Membership + Monthly Check-in

You pay $98 every month.

You pay $280 every 3 months.

All memberships renew until canceled.

Any questions: email Coach Thomas directly.