I'm glad you're curious.​


  It's me, Coach Thomas.




You ever find yourself scrolling social media through the diarrhea of information that presents itself as "health & fitness trends?" 

Trends come and go. But, the same principles remain.


And, if it's not your job, you shouldn't be expected to sift through the clickbait, the fads, and other b.s. on your own. 

I've created Compass, not because I have a secret - there's no secret way to get you to do the work - but to give you reliable direction and a home base.


A place to count on for info, so that you can go to bed at night at least knowing that you know what to do.

I'm taking everything out of the equation but action.

Like a Compass - it will show you the way.

But if you are here looking for a shortcut, you will not find it. 

This journey is long, but worth it, if you stay the course.


You'll start here:

Answer a few simple questions so I know more about you and your goals.

Read through your Welcome Guide to understand my expectations.

Get your account set up in the app.

I will set up your calendar, schedule your check-ins, and we will be ready to roll.