How it works

With my 1:1 Remote Coaching, I like to emphasize the HOW and the WHY behind the process you are going to take on.


It's designed to be educational enough that you can become confident in sustaining and controlling your health and body image long-term. You will have access to resources that will help you do that.

We’ll use my training app to manage everything. It integrates with MyFitnessPal - the app we’ll use to track food.

Along with tracking macros, you’ll do weigh-ins, take progress photos and body measurements which allows us to track progress from a few different angles - all within my training app.

I’ll design a training program for you (if necessary) in the app based on your goals and what equipment you have available to you. Workouts are easy to follow along with and we’ll track your training progress in the app.

Depending on your goals and dietary needs/preferences, we start by seeing where your habits currently are and make small changes from there.


I’ll customize your daily macros and give you any guidance/direction necessary, along with my Nutrition Guide for your reference.

You’ll have access to asking me questions at any time via text/app/email depending on your package.


However, I will personally check-in with you however often you feel you need, to monitor progress, adjust anything necessary, and continue to push you. 

  1. Weekly

  2. Monthly

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