Mayhugh Athletic LLC 2019

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How it works

I start off working with people for a minimum of 6 months. It's the minimum length of time I've seen to really make and stick to change.


The first month is a "Prove-It" month, where you will prove to me you're willing and able to be coached and put the work in, and I prove to you that it will work.


If after the first month either of us are dissatisfied, you will be refunded.


The coaching includes everything you would need and is personalized to you.


(Nutrition, exercise programming if necessary, accountability and check-ins, access to my app, access to me as needed, etc.)


I check-in via text 3-4x a week (varies depending on your needs)


We do a weekly or bi-weekly check-in call.

Filling out the assessment form is FREE and RISK FREE.